Corporate Integrated Wellness Program

Empower your employees

Create a sustainable workforce that is resilient and excited to face a challenge

Healthy Brain – Mindfulness

  • Master Stress
  • Increase performance  and genuine happiness
  • Improve your health and sleep

Healthy Body – Healthy Ticket (by 9Health)

  • Biometric screening
  • Access medical professionals
  • Personalized health information & education

Mindfulness frameworks are validated and evidence-based

Developed in collaboration with UMass Medical, The American Institute of Stress, Ph.D.’s and Swami’s from around the world.

Understand the scientific underpinnings of stress in the brain.
Explore your personal stress profile, 
Learn tools to change your relationship with stress
Over 50% of the class is actual practice.
Receive Downloadable Mindfulness Recordings to practice at home.

9Health Healthy Ticket

The 9Healthy Ticket is easy to set-up and is an important workplace wellness initiative.

You can create a culture that encourages healthy lifestyles for you or your workforce. As a corporate leader, YOU can help inspire positive behavior change, adding to a higher quality of life at home and at work for your employees and their families with the 9Healthy Ticket program.