NeuroLeadership Seminars

NeuroLeadership Seminars

What is Transformational NeuroLeadership?

NeuroLeadership is a new leadership development framework based on scientific insights, evidence-based tools and new methologies. These are proven methodologies to improve decision-making, increase engagement, reduce conflict and more. 

It’s proven when you change the brain, you change the outcome.

Learn how to use science to be a better (more influential and charismatic) leader. A leader people trust, gravitate to, and want to work for.

It’s up to you:

  • To Transition from your Current Position to one of Influence
  • To Gain Insight
  • To Overcome Obstacles
  • To Level Up

Why Transformational NeuroLeadership?

It’s a different world now. Markets and workforces are desperate for stability. We, as humans are different. We crave normalcy and increasingly fear continued uncertainty.

Change is so rapid that one leader can’t hope to keep abreast of all developments, much less be responsible for the innovation needed to keep ahead of them. Decision making is affected by the stress and urgency of the pandemic. With chaos distributed across an organization conflict is inevitable.

What would the Benefit and Risk of having the ability to re-wire your brain be right now?

This training is like no other. It has been developed using the latest neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral biology. It has been developed in collaboration with Stanford, Harvard, Pepperdine thought leaders.

Who Can Benefit From NeuroLeadership?

This course is crucial for C-suite, executives, directors, leaders, managers, team leads, coaches, consultants, HR professionals and entrepeneurs.

What You’ll Learn

We will experientially explore the building blocks of the brain, learn how biology predicts behaviors, and how to re-wire the brain to overcome barriers and gain transformative insights that might lead to increasing personal and organizational agility.

Participants will learn to lead with emotional intelligence and understand the neuroscience behind developing personal excellence in yourself and others.

Overall, the goal of the course is to assist you in creating an agile, growth mindset.

What We Know

  • The rule books have been re-written.
  • That said, the most important asset you have for surviving and thriving, is your brain.
  • This brain has virtually unlimited potential to change your life, and also to change your whole world.
When you better understand how the brain functions, you have the ability to transform how others think, develop, and perform.