Team Development

Helping teams leverage strengths, and work as a system as opposed to a collection of individuals.

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Team Development Coaching

Team Development

Helping teams leverage strengths, and work as a system as opposed to a collection of individuals.

Teams NEED Support!

Studies in the U.S. show that an average team member wastes 7 hours a week on average due to the team(s) being ineffective. This translates to 2 months a year! Considering that 73% of people are on more than one type of team, it makes financial sense to offer coaching to enhance our team effectiveness.

Team coaching focuses on enhancing skills working as a (traditional or virtual) system as opposed to a collection of individuals. This type of coaching is done over a several month process as opposed to a one-time team building event. Team coaching typically includes assessments, team and individualized coaching, planning and measuring success and a summary of highlights and recommendations for continued learning. The objectives of team coaching are always aligned with the specific organizational objectives.


Top Benefits of Team Coaching 

  1. Working Relationships (71%)
  2. Improved Teamwork (67%)
  3. Job satisfaction (61%)
  4. Productivity (53%)
  5. Conflict Reduction (52%)
  6. Organizational Strength (48%)



Statistical ROI of Team Coaching

In a 2019 study performed by UC Denver, 25 participants went through 3 days of team development training along with individualized coaching. Pre training participants reported being frustrated, showed signs of burn-out, and felt there was no personal accountability. They reported a high level of internal conflict among team members and highly stressful work conditions. Each participant took a pre and post survey. The results post training showed:

  • 100% of participants reported reduced stress.
  • 88% resported better communication & trust
  • 71% reported improved accountability.

The statistical ROI was 400% return on investment in 6 months.


TEAM Coaching Model

The TEAM coaching model provides guidance, training and support for making teams as effective as possible. The impact is multiplied when team coaching is used to maximize the skills and talents of the employees. Team coaching provides tools for members they can use immediately. The coach believes the team has it within them to excel and rely on the team to design a plan that will best support its success. By intensely listening, asking questions, and offering sincere encouragement, the coach facilitates the process for the team to learn its own answers and then take responsibility for acting on them. This is the truest form of empowerment.




We integrate strengths into team development because doing what you do best boosts enthusiasm and commitment to the team and organization. This is part of our strategy for enabling exceptional performers.

We Are Certified

Not all coaches and trainers are equal. We are certified in NeuroCoaching with the ICF, hold Neuroscience & Leadership certifications from Harvard University and have 20 years of experience in team development.


Results Focused

We drive results by creating great partnerships, using research-based strategies and being by your side to offer guidance, support and training. This is a powerful tool to improve morale, reduce frustration and improve efficiency.

About Michelle

Credentials.  Neuroscience: Harvard University. Leadership: Harvard University. Diplomat at The American Institute of Stress.  ICF Certified NeuroCoach.  Certified Virtual Facilitator: National Speakers Association. Degree in Philosophy: Miami University. Communication Design: Parsons School of Design. MBSR, Mindfulness (Mind-Body Medicine): University of Massachusetts Medical School. EYT500: Yoga Alliance. Bestowed the title of Acharya from Shri Amritji.  Michelle is a content expert for NBC, 9 News and The American Institute of Stress among other media channels.

Why work with Michelle?
Michelle is a different. Her presence is down to earth, confident, relatable and funny. She integrates neuroscience to explain behaviors and puts each topic into context, many times using humor to connect with her audience.

Once you meet her, it’s not hard to understand what makes her coaching and speaking engagements highly-respected. Her clientele includes corporations such as: Microsoft, Bureau of Prisons, Holland & Hart, and some of the largest Fortune 100 consulting firms.


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