Evidence-based Stress Reduction Programs

We are passionate about helping you manage and overcome stress

Scientifically Proven

The Masters Course is grounded in science (neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral biology).

In a recent 2019 study*, 100% of the participants in The Masters Course Stress Reduction course reported lasting stress reduction, felt they have tools to manage stress and felt they got something of lasting value from our stress mastery training.

*Studies done by University of Colorado, Denver.

Making a Difference

Our programs reduce human capital costs, increase productivity and improve our client mental health and well-being. All programs are driven by metrics and outcomes, both quantitative and qualitative.

We take what we do seriously, and our clients wholeheartedly trust in our results.

What to Expect

We partner with you to provide the outcome, and long-term value you are looking for.

Collaborating with a virtual team (from your organization) we outline the problem or desired outcome, and establsish mutual goals and responsibilities. We outline strategy, implementation plans, measureables, and timeline.

Options we can include: downloadable mindfulness practice recordings, pre/post stress assessments, private YouTube channel with recorded courses, opt-in text message reminders, private registation page, video inspiration emails, interactivec 21 day challenge, accountability and community development, practice guide, downloadable Stress Playbook.

 Thought Leaders

Careful planning, compassion, and sincerity go into each of our Stress Reduction and Mindfulness programs. Our courses have been thoughtfully developed and refined over 22 years. We partner with colleagues from Harvard Medical School, Pepperdine University, Stanford University, The American Institute of Stress, The Brain Health Initative and Guru Sri Amritji to keep it current and powerful.

We believe you need a thought leader, one who teaches from experience to see immediate and lasting results. This is exactly what we do.