It takes a fight, I mean a letting go, and more letting go and even yet more letting go, in order to rest in stillness and be with ease in life. But, it’s worth the cultivation. For in this cultivation is self-reliance, learning to surrender the ego, letting go of past traumas that hold you back, and in the end the ability to choose peace and be conscious.

The fight, is resistance to be ok with the world as it is, and myself as I am, right now.

The letting go, can come in the form of tears, giving up what you thought you wanted or needed in order to be happy, or just accepting change. It can come in many ways and forms. But one common characteristic of letting go, is the peace that follows the fight and surrender.

The unending peace, happiness and contentment is the result each time you let go of resistance and the need for anything to be different than what it is.

Why do I fight? Why do I resist? I guess it’s natural but I can say that it get’s easier and easier as the ego has less hold on my daily thoughts and actions. It becomes quicker, less reactive, and almost just a knowing internally that oh I am out of alignment, I should check in and adjust to what is and then things shift.

Many die rich, but rarely does one die happy and content.