There is one thing that we all should remember.
Whatever it is that we need from the other, we are perceiving as a deficiency in ourselves.

Applied to conflict at work or home, when we want something from the other, our blood pressure rises, our muscles tense, our voice raises.

When the other doesn’t listen, when they don’t give us what we want, when they don’t do what we want them to do, our sympathetic nervous system is triggered, causing our physical body to tense, tighten, to go into a state of fight of flight. Emotionally we feel unimportant, not whole. Mentally we can not let go. We blame the other. We mentally build up protection to protect us from the other (bias).

However, we have not considered where the other persons is coming from, we have not listened, we have not heard deeply what the other wants, where they are.

When we listen with sincerity, we hear and we feel the other.

If we can listen from an open place, of not wanting or needing things to be different than they are, we can welcome working with this person in a creative and healthy way to accommodate both peoples concept of success.

If your happiness depends on receiving what you ask for, from the other, then you will never find peace, happiness or contentment. Life has so much more meaning when we learn to be open, and allow.