Cognitive Bias 2 Day Program




This is a highly engaging and interactive virtual course, in which you will learn how biases negatively affect critical thinking, give rise to racial injustice and, even affect scientific research and its application. We will explore what bias really looks like, dive into the neuroscience behind cognitive bias, learn validated tools to debias, and have time for practical application of debiasing tools. Participants will be actively cultivating critical thinking skills – necessary to inspire personal and organizational change.

Program Overview:

  • Neuroscience underlying Bias
  • Micro and Macro perspective
  • Cognitive, emotional and behavioral aspects of bias
  • How bias affects critical thinking skills
  • Validated debiasing techniques
  • Re-Buidling Trust
  • Long Term Habit Change
  • Organizational mis-steps to avoid
  • 5 commitments to advance racial justice


October: 1-2
Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm MST