Michelle Anne

Transformational Neuroleadership Executive Seminars Announced
Use Neuro-Science to drive creativity, manage uncertainty and increase productivity

Denver, Colorado: The Masters Course today announced two dates for upcoming Transformational Neuroleadership seminars, a new way to use neuroscience to be a better human and leader, using neuroscience to collaborate with leaders and teaching them to lead in rapidly changing and unpredictable environments.

Transformational-based neuroleadership utilizes evidence-based frameworks and the newest neuroscience, behavioral biology, psychology and philosophic methods to cultivate personal transformation. The seminars will provide C-level executives and those leading teams in the workforce with brain-based practical tools that will create lasting change in any organization. The three-day seminars will feature world-renowned speakers Shelly Carson, Ph.D., Harvard Psychology lecturer and author of “Your Creative Brain,” as well as Dr. Srini Pillay, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Brain-imaging researcher, and Executive Coach. Michelle Anne, NeuroLeadership Coach, will lead the course, she has been a corporate speaker and for over 25 years, including receiving her training to teach mindfulness from with Jon Kabat-Zinn at UMass Medical, Center for Mindfulness and from one of the world’s most respected gurus in philosophy.

“I’ve been able to use the techniques she teaches to improve my daily life and work! I thought I’d learn some things and deepen my mindfulness practice, but what I didn’t expect was to have more peace and ease in everything I do.”,” says Marla Rodriguez, VP at Channel 9 News, Denver.

Features and benefits of the Transformational Neuroleadership Seminar include:

  • Exclusive training on The Science of Possibility
  • Nineteen hours of face-to-face learning and interaction
  • Understanding how to convert uncertainty to possibility while living in rapidly changing world
  • Learning to access the creative brain and stimulate innovation in others

The Transformational Neuroleadership Seminar will be held in Denver, Colorado September 4-6, 2019 and in Boulder, Colorado September 25-27, 2019. For more information and to register, visit Seating is limited.

About The Masters Course: The Masters Course combines western study in neuroscience, psychology, leadership, creativity with eastern study in philosophy to create powerful NeuroLeadership, corporate mindfulness, emotional intelligence courses which help participants increase productivity, existential confidence, creativity and an overall well being. Michelle Anne and The Masters Course provides corporate training for:

  • Building and motivating powerful teams
  • Converting stress into intelligence, resilience and capacity
  • Leadership tools for converting uncertainty into possibility
  • How to access the creative brain how to stimulate innovation in others
  • Embodying existential confidence and understanding its importance to a growth mindset