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Transformational NeuroLeadership


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Thought leaders in neuroscience and creativity –
world renowned speakers

Shelley Carson PhD

Shelley Carson PhD

Lecturer, Department of Psychology Harvard University


Dr. Srini Pillay

Dr. Srini Pillay

Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Brain-imaging reseacher, Executive Coach


Acharya Michelle Anne

Acharya Michelle Anne

President, The Masters Course, Member American Institute of Stress, MBSR, Neuroscience & Leadership



C-Level Executives, Leaders and Managers,
HR Professionals, Coaches & Trainers


Denver: Sept 4-6

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Boulder: Sept 25-27

Greenbriar Inn, Boulder, CO


–  Evidenced-based tools to convert stress into intelligence, resilience, and capacity
–  Leadership tools for moving from uncertainty into possibility
–  Creativity brain training and how to inspire and motivate others
–  Models for mindset shifts including moving to a growth mindset



Michelle prepares and delivers top-rated leadership development keynotes, courses and coaching for clients such as: FEMA, 9Health, Holland & Hart, Paladina Health, Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Forest Service, and some of the largest Fortune 100 consulting firms. She has also trained leaders at UCHealth, National Park Service, and the U.S. Olympic team.


Neurocoaching is the integration of neuroscience frameworks applied to increasing personal and professional effectiveness to everyday challenges. My Coaching approach is being someone who empowers you to achieve more than you could achieve on your own.

Meet Our Clients and Partners

Rave Reviews.  Evidence-Based Courses.  Grounded in Science.

“This program is so incredibly powerful. It’s hard to believe we have experienced real lasting change after a 10-month program. We all seem to be more at ease, aware, understanding, and considerate of one another which has led to focused meetings, less blaming, staff taking more responsibility. Overall, I see less conflict, less drama and wow the morale is UP. Thank you! We didn’t know how to create this shift in the organization.

Melissa M

Chief of Staff, Denver Non Profit

“I have known Shell for over 16 years. She has always had the heart of a teacher in every role I have seen her in. Her approach is peaceful, creative, heartfelt and effective. I have personally benefited from her courses, as it has brought great peace and comfort to me personally.”


Section Chief, U.S. Forest Service

“I’ve been able to use the techniques she teaches to improve my daily life and work! I thought I’d learn some things and deepen my mindfulness practice, but what I didn’t expect was to have more peace and ease in everything I do.”

Marla R

VP, Channel 9

“The Stress Reduction and Resilience Training session provided a lot of valuable tools needed to address the challenging situations we face. Thank you for listening and providing the valuable skills that employees can use for dealing with these types of situations!”

Jeff H.

Program Manager

9Health Interview with Michelle Anne

The Masters Course founder Michelle Anne sits down with 9Health to talk about Mindfulness.

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