From where I stand, being a successful leader in today’s work environment, requires cultivating and freely giving real love.

Leading from a top down hierarchy creates little trust, loyalty and to be frank, an I don’t care attitude at work.

Leading from an involved, understanding and loving stance takes real courage and builds lasting relationships, trust, and teamwork.

People thrive when loved, let’s face it.
Inherently people love learning, love working and love interacting and connecting with others.

Then why are we telling our employees what to do, how to do it and criticizing them when they don’t do it the way we have imagined. Why have an original idea? What are they getting out of it? Where’s the meaning, the purpose to their lives? That’s all wrong.

From what I have seen, we need to create meaningful relationships with our employees. Ones in which they know they can trust us, we will support them and they have time and creative license to spread their wings. Embrace our different ways of doing things. Embrace and work together in a meaningful way.

Bringing what everyone wants most in life, what we are all searching for… Bring love (sincerity) to work.