Legal Coaching

Measuring Success

Simply put, we measure our success by the measurement of your successs.


Legal Coaching

How we Measure Success

The quality on which we are measured by our clients includes; client performance after working with us, value (return on investment) and change in life after working with us.

Helping attorneys excel.
Helping clients achieve their desired outcome.

Quantitative Study Summary: Results of Developmental Coaching Services 2019.


Reduction in stress, increase in performance


Increase in self and social intelligence


Improved team collaboration, shared ownership, accountability


Reported they got something of lasting value

Science + Innovation + Compassion

We provide our clients with project-based strategy, research, and preparation.

Client & Attorneys Preparation

Jury Selection

Client & Attorneys Preparation

We work with clients and attorneys addressing stress management, communication and presentation skills. We work with you on preparation in areas including; deposition, CFI, and testifying. Our approach combines neuroscience, positive psychology, human behavior and emotional intelligence.

During Jury Selection, we sit with you at counsel table, taking detailed notes, and providing follow up questions based on juror responses, scientific research, and neuro-psychology. Neuroscience reveals an amazing amount about behavior predictability, reasoning, and the psychology behind decision-making.

We work with firms outlining frameworks for increasing accounts receivables (getting clients to pay), tools for building a book of business, and reducing stress and burnout. Leadership is the process of continual development. Being a truly great leader takes practice.
  • The art of Presentation
  • How to Build Trust
  • Telling an Impactful Story
  • Valuable Insight to Human Behavior.
  • Judging -vs- Perceiving
  • Thinking -vs- Feeling
  • Stress & Anxiety Reduction
  • Time Management
  • Reading Behavioral Cues

*Science-based coaching and training programs draw on Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology.


Ximena Rios, Chief of Operations
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
New York, NY

It is an honor to be on a focus advisory board with Michelle. She is truly a confident, compassionate and an incredible executive coach. Her work is tremendous in the legal and leadership field. I notice when we work together, there is an effortless respect that accelerates learning. She feels like a sister to me.

Cheryl Smith, Attorney
Robinson, Waters & O’Dorisio, P.C.
Denver, CO

Michelle was a client and pretty quickly, became a friend. During a very stressful time in her life, I often found her helping me (when it should have been the other way around). She would sense the stress in my voice as I was preparing for a trial, deposition or working with frustrating opposing counsel/clients.  Following just a few simple tips, I could feel myself relax and felt empowered.  My perspective changed and the outcome improved! Michelle is very talented and her services have impacted my success in several cases.  As an attorney, I feel her coaching has made an genuine impact and is perfect to assist in the legal industry. Stress reduction techniques and emotional intelligence skills, like reading the defense, that we all need, but do not readily apply in our daily lives.

Catherine Reynolds, Attorney
Polaris Law
Denver, CO

Michelle is a wonderful stress management coach! She has an amazing ability to get an entire room to stop, calm, and actually feel their stress reduce. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone or any law firm looking to manage their individual or client stress during legal conflict and during the current difficult times.

Honorable Gary M. Jackson, Denver District Court Judge
City and County of Denver
Denver, CO

I thoroughly recommended Michelle, she is dedicated to her work and is thoroughly prepared when giving her public presentations. She is honest and trustworthy, and a very articulate executive coach.

Christine Farris, Assistant, Paralegal
USDA Legal Affairs
Lakewood, CO

The first time I took a class with Michelle, not only did I emerge with the tools I needed for a more productive and less stressful life but it carried over into my organization. I was so moved by this experience that I wanted to take another day of even more intense coaching with her. I have taken so many courses on Dealing with Difficult People, Conflict Resolution, Stress reduction, and resiliency, but nothing comes even close to the benefit that I received working with Michelle.

The change that I underwent has made me healthier, happier and a more productive. My team notices it, my husband sees it, and I definitely feel it. Michelle has a very unique approach, a high level of integrity and knowledge, and is very compassionate. I immediately resonated with her teaching style and her calm energy.

Mary Snieckus, Washington Office, Chief of Staff
US Forest Service, US Policy
Reston, VA

Together with Michelle we tailored a confidential pre-workshop survey in addition to assessments, leadership coaching, individual in-take interviews, an on-line component, virtual coaching, in-person coaching, and in-person team development sessions. We followed up the project with a post confidential survey and assessments. The feedback was amazing!

After the initial contract we re-engaged in additional services We all felt the return on investment exceeded our expectations. We are less stressed and more able to respond effectively to interpersonal issues in our work and home lives. We have experienced people making different choices about how to act towards one another, their awareness and how they attend to the public.

Terri Gates, Chief of Staff
Administrative Affairs, US Forest Service
Lakewood, CO

I have had the great fortune of knowing and working with Michelle for over ten years. I have worked with a lot of contractors during my 30 years of federal service and Shell consistently ranks at the top of the list of “go to” resources. She is an excellent leadership coach, and program manager with the necessary skills to see any project or training through to completion, she possesses excellent interpersonal skills, including managing through conflict and uncertainty – an extremely valuable trait in a dynamic and changing work environment.


What is Legal Coaching?

A legal coach is a trusted partner, who assists a client in making measurable results toward reaching a goal. A coach helps uncover blind spots, develops necessary skills, and gives honest feedback to reach the goal.

Coaching can include things like: skill development, client/attorney preparation, gaining influence, effective communication, presentation skills, CFI preparation, deposition preparation, cross examination techniques, trust and emotional intelligence, support, stress reduction for trial, time management skills, life transition, mindset switching, etc.