Mindfulness Exercises

Ever awake in a cloud. Not feeling right?

Does it matter what it’s about? No, not really

Things, thoughts, situations all are affecting you, physically, mentally and emotionally.

When not addressed, inner conflict grows and life seems to get more chaotic, out of control and one feels off.

When addressed, the energy or Funk can release and you come back to center, or feeling relaxed.


What causes the funk

Funk Sutra 2:6

We seek pleasure because we expect happiness from it.

When we expect joy from someone, or something externally we attach to these things.

Just the same, when we find certain things or people make use unhappy, we create an aversion to them.

What happens when the person we seek pleasure from (the one we associate pleasure with) does not deliver.

We are creating our own funk by attaching to things (or how they should be). When things don’t go a certain way or you are not sure how they are going to go, worry about the outcome, there is a funk created. Some people can feel it in their body.

Everyone and everything wants to be happy. Look at a worm, that crawls to shade, or a plant that wilts in too much sun. We all seek the same thing. This happiness is inside us. Not outside.

There is an ancient fable about a musk deek that has a scented pot on its forehead. The deer runs everywhere searching for the scent, not knowing that the scent comes from the forehead.

When we see a smiling face, we feel happy… it reflects our happiness (we attach / like this person… we say this person gives us happiness.

In others happiness is distorted, we say we don’t like this person. It’s just reflecting something, a quality in us.

No one can give happy or unhappy to another.

The funk then, is due to our association with what one is reflecting in us.

Getting out of the FUNK with Mindfulness

  1. Stop – take a break from what you’re doing or step back energetically and separate from what you are expecting or wanting from someone.
  2. What are you feeling, what are you wanting
  3. Shift your attention to your breath, Slow and lengthen the breathing pattern
  4. With each exhalation, let go or tensness or tightness, a little at a time.
  5. Are there sensations in your body
  6. Explore and feel the sensation – Allow the feelings
  7. Relax the body, relax with the energy in your body. No labeling or judging
  8. Relax your shoulders, face, abdomen, legs, back, neck, forehead, lips, hands.
  9. Let go into it
  10. Explore the new spaciousness
  11. Be the unmodified spacious field of awareness


No likes. No dislikes.

Simply being okay with what is.