Inclusion, Diversity & Wellness Programs

Helping organizations create inclusive and engaged work environments

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Inclusion, Diversity & Wellness Programs

Helping organizations create inclusive and engaged work environments.

Facing the Impact of COVID-19, Racial Inequality…

We are all learning what it takes to be mentally strong and go the distance. Overall, the psycholoigal impact of the recent events – and the way this is carring over into the worplace – cannot be overstated.

Statistically there are significant physical, emotional and mental effects that are rising from the increasing COVID-19 cases, the racial inequity protests and the upcoming political election. The U.N. warns that the pandemic’s mental health costs will be the greatest we have ever seen.

With Worldwide engagement at 15% (Gallup 6/20) leaders seeking to create an engaged and inclusive environment for everyone MUST FIND ways to address these challenges.


Sample Wellness Modules

Program topics are selected to address your specific organizational challenges and goals.


  • – Using Stress to Increase Success
  • – Navigating Conflict as a Leader
  • – Rethinking Cognitive Bias
  • – Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • – Your Brain on Food
  • – Identifying Adaptive Challenges
  • – Stakeholders & Perspectives
  • – Leveraging Strengths on a Team
  • – Key Components of Trust
  • – Mindfulness & Stress Reduction
  • – Your Brain and Business
  • – Changing Your Questions and Your Life
  • – Virtual Cooking Classes
  • – 7 day Challenges

COVID Success Story

Engagement is down, stress is high, and uncertainty is everywhere. I’m told by management that this has affected attitude, performance, and productivity of their staff. Unsure of what to do, I was called in to collaborate with the top leaders. We developed a budget and a long-term program which was immediately adopted by 1/3 of the staff. We didn’t expect such high participation the first month! We had over 99 folks in the virtual classes! 20% of the participants reached out for coaching and additional innformation on focus, mindfulness, stress tips. Folks wanted more. We brought in 7 day challenges, cooking classes, opportunites for professional development and more. This program increased productivity by 45% in 4 months (March 2020 – June 2020).

The ROI Looked Like This:

  1. Working Relationships (71%)
  2. Improved Teamwork (67%)
  3. Job satisfaction (61%)
  4. Productivity (53%)
  5. Conflict Reduction (52%)
  6. Organizational Strength (48%)


Statistical ROI 400% in 6 Months

In a 2019 study performed by UC Denver, participants reported being frustrated, showed signs of burn-out, and felt there was no personal accountability. They reported a high levels of internal conflict among team members and a highly stressful work enviroment. Each participant took a pre and post survey.

The results post training showed:


  • 100% of participants reported reduced stress.
  • 88% resported better communication & trust
  • 71% reported improved accountability.


Scientifically Validated Resources

Worksheets, References, PDF’s of Slides used in Live Courses


Strengths, MTBI, EQ Assessments

Video Tips

 1 min Educational Videos to Support Learning


 Powerful Mindfulness Recordings to Increase Focus, Performance, and Reduce Anxiety.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a standard leadership development tool for elite executives and talented up-and-comers.

Guest Lecturers

Coaching is a standard leadership development tool for elite executives and talented up-and-comers.

Opt-In Text Messaging

Weekly text message reminders: stress, mental health, habit change, focusing tips and more.

21-Day Challenges

 Increase community, commitment & reward teams through interactive on-line group challenges


We integrate strengths into team development because doing what you do best boosts enthusiasm and commitment to the team and organization. This is part of our strategy for enabling exceptional performers.

We Are Certified

Not all coaches and trainers are equal. We are certified in NeuroCoaching with the ICF, hold Neuroscience & Leadership certifications from Harvard University and have 20 years of experience in team development.


Results Focused

We drive results by creating great partnerships, using research-based strategies and being by your side to offer guidance, support and training. This is a powerful tool to improve morale, reduce frustration and improve efficiency.

About Our Team

Credentials.  Neuroscience: Harvard University. Leadership: Harvard University. Diplomat at The American Institute of Stress.  ICF Certified NeuroCoach.  Certified Virtual Facilitators: National Speakers Association. Degrees in Philosophy: Miami University. Communication Design: Parsons School of Design. MBSR, Mindfulness (Mind-Body Medicine): University of Massachusetts Medical School. EYT500: Yoga Alliance.

Why work with us?
We are a group of Certified Executive Coaches with over 25 years experience in Leadership and Culture Change.  Our expertise ranges from Leadership and Team Development, Systems, Tech, Wellness, and Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

Our clientele includes multi-national corporations, Federal Agencies, U.S. Military, and entrepeneurs such as: Microsoft, FEMA, The Mayo Clinic, and more.