Purpose & Motivation

Description:  Leading psychologists estimate that 95% of people are not clear on their own motivations.
The purpose of this class is to provide techniques to gain clarity on what truly motivates and inspires executives, managers, and workers and then practice acting with this understanding and be much more effective at work. Organizations rarely understand the underlying motivations of people. Learn a methodology and framework for understanding motivations way beyond the tip of the iceberg and knowing them at a deep level. Understand how to use mindfulness methods to ground ourselves in intrinsic motivations that really matter.
We will explore the Science behind the competition situation that affects intrinsic motivations.
The tools in this session increase clarity, positivity, happiness, and engagement.

Reported outcomes:Relief. Compatibility. Effortless work-flow. Calmer meetings. Clearer communication. Less bias. Bigger results. Increased resilience to stress and unpredictability. Appreciation. The happiness of team members. Feeling of internal success.

Course includes:
– Core principle: Mindfulness and Stress Reduction
– Inquiry, group challenges, collaborative discussions
– Understanding how predictions affect cognitive evaluation theory

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