Corporate Stress Mastery

Mindfulness and Stress Mastery

Do you awake feeling refreshed?

Stress affects our every thought, our sleep, language centers, stirs emotions, effects attention, increases anxiety, lowers productivity, and creates conflict with others.

Learn proven western neuroscience-based tools and eastern philosophies that change your relationship with stress at the core. Yes! this means you will sleep better, increase productivity, be more positive, feel more energetic, be more compassionate, ultimately more successful and enjoy life more.

Michelle has thousands of tremendous testimonials.

Use the latest neuroscience to find your set-point, understand your stress profile, and learn to oscillate and use stress to increase your resilience and capacity! Research shows these tools are highly effective with chronic pain, reducing the re-occurrence of cancer, increasing a positive outlook, improving mental health, improving cognitive function (decision making), and communication.

This is very powerful practice that is shown to reverse the signs of stress on your body.

By transforming your relationship with stress, you
⦁ increase your capacity
⦁ reduce anxiety
⦁ deflate conflict before it arises
⦁ feel relaxed
⦁ improve your relationships
⦁ increase clarity

The founder of The Masters Course, Acharya Michelle Anne, MBSR, BS will walk you through this journey with interactive exercises, scientific explanations, and techniques that she has developed during her 20+ years of study with thought leaders such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Yogi Amrit Desai, and leading neuroscientists at Harvard and the American Institute of Stress.

Learn why so many government agencies and corporations have relied on Michelle to increase productivity, improve communication, enhance teams and transform their culture.

Over half the class will be actual practice. Dress comfortably. Practice will be both sitting and lying down. Shoes are optional.

Course includes:
⦁ Small group interactions
⦁ Professional downloadable recordings for at-home practice
⦁ Beautiful reference cards


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