Corporate Stress Mastery

Stress Reduction & Mastery

What few of us realize is that chronic stress, from daily living (i.e. bills, kids, job, the state of the nation), that we usually ignore or push down is the very type of stress that left unmanaged affects our mental capacity, emotional stability, and overall physical health, including our immune system. Looking through a business lense, stress is of one of the costliest problems for organizations in terms of direct health costs, absenteeism, disability, and performance. Yet, the majority of corporations do very little to address stress.

This course begins with a discussion of the how stress affects us at a mental, behavioral and organizational level. Nearly 50% of the course will be focused on the real application of tools that rewire the brain, and are proven to reverse the signs of stress. We will end with an interactive discussion and enlightening wisdom (secrets) of how to address the relationship of external and internal elements to reduce or eliminate future stress. This short course could enhance your performance and improve the quality of your life.

The founder of The Masters Course, Acharya Michelle Anne, will walk you through this journey with interactive exercises, scientific explanations, and techniques that she has developed during her 20+ years of study with thought leaders such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Yogi Amrit Desai, and leading neuroscientists at the American Institute of Stress.

Learn why so many corporations have relied on Michelle to increase their productivity, transform their culture and build successful teams with mindfulness.

Did you know:  In a recent study stressed rats’ brains showed shrunken neurons in the dorsomedial striatum (an area associated with goal-directed behavior) and growth in the dorsolateral striatum (related to habitual behavior). Also, the hippocampus—central to learning and memory—is damaged by long-term exposure to stress.

Course includes:

  • Core principle: mindfulness and stress reduction
  • Small group interactions
  • Downloadable practice at-home stress reduction recordings
  • Reference cards



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