Reducing Conflict and Bias

How long have you ignored the obvious or subtle conflicts in your office or life?

Conflict and bias inhibit motivation, productivity, and happiness. Even a small amount of conflict creates lasting negativity at work or home. Mindfully re-condition the brain to increase awareness and be less reactive to triggers at a core level. Neuroplasticity shows our ability to re-condition our mind to stress.

How we think, talk and act affects our personal effectiveness, our influence, and the organization as a whole.

Understand and apply practical tools to increase awareness, reduce reactivity, collapse a negative charge/bias. Long lasting effects seen in teams, productivity, motivation, and positivity.

Reported outcomes: Feeling more at ease at work and home when under stress or dealing with uncertainty. Ability to be non-reactive to challenges and ability to resolve conflict with compassion and empathy. Overall more positive, productive, less reactive, calmer, happier, and an increased ability to bounce back from adversity.

Course includes:

  • Core principle: Mindfulness and Stress Reduction
  • Integrity checklist
  • Small group discussion and exercises
  • Informal and formal practice of tools
  • Practical reference cards
  • Audio recordings for at-home practice
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