Radical Collaboration: Team Building

The most effective teams don’t have leaders.

Teams work best when members listen and talk in equal measure. If one member takes control and begins to dominate the discussions, it creates resentment. The team falters.Rich Karlgaard

What makes a successful team?

Everyone knows that “teamwork” is important to success, but it’s only recently that scientists have uncovered the truth about what works and what doesn’t.

The course starts with an explanation of what the latest neuroscience tells us about high-performance teams. Keep an open mind, many of these discoveries will seem counterintuitive at best. Whether you are trying to increase motivation, accountability, increase results, this information is heartfelt, real and powerful.

Small group exercises will be incorporated to illustrate some key predictors of success. The discussion will include getting clear on what success looks like, communication patterns, using conflict, building trust, and challenges of working on virtual teams. The course will be interactive.


Did you know: Cognitive diversity in a team, yields the highest performance?

Course includes:
– Core principle: Mindfulness
– Small group discussion exercises
– Take home mindfulness recordings and references


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