Corporate Mindfulness

Reduce stress & conflict. Increase trust, reliability, and bottom-line


100% of the participants in the program report lasting stress reduction, felt they have tools to manage stress and felt they got something of lasting value from our stress mastery training.

Studies done by University of Colorado Denver & Johns Hopkins.

World Renowned

The Masters Course is recognized around the world by experts in neuroscience, leadership and philosophy. Michelle is recognized in the U.S., India, Spain, Australia, and Iceland in the fields of Stress and NeuroLeadership.

 Thought Leaders

Careful planning, compassion, and sincerity go into each of our mindfulness courses. This course was thoughtfully developed and refined over 17 years. We believe you need a thought leader, one who teaches from experience to deliver a transformative course, and this is exactly what we do.

Practical Tools

You’ll leave with practical tools to change your relationship with stress at a core level.

You’ll learn techniques to increase awareness, self-regulate, understand how to read underneath a conversation, and how to influence and effectively collaborate with difficult people.