Corporate Mindfulness

Neuro-based Mindfulness. Evidence-based Tools.

Create a Sustainable Workforce

And increase profits at the same time

This program will make a measurable impact in the areas of engagement, productivity and profitability.

Studies show stress mastery/mindfulness is dose-based and increases brain performance in focused thinking, achieving goals, short term and working memory, cultivation of emotional intelligence and emotional regulation, diminishing anxiety and depression, breaking the cycle of worry calming the nervous system, boosting positivity, creating deeper engagement opportunities.

Help your staff in a meaningful way, while at the same time increasing trust, connection and profitability

  • Understand how stress affects the brain, productivity, perspective, and cognitive function, and sleep
  • Create your Personal Stress Profile
  • Practice Stress Mastery Intervention Strategies
  • Understand how to use stress as a tool for growth and positivity instead of allowing it to affect mental and physical decline and negative external outcomes