Corporate Happiness Program

Transformational Neuro Leadership Training

Re-wiring the brain to increase happiness, productivity and collaboration.

The Masters Course Program:

  • Is a neuro-based leadership and staff training and coaching program
  • Which changes your relationship with stress
  • Teaches people to take responsibility for how they show up
  • Increases emotional intelligence
  • Changes unconscious behaviors
  • Reduces defensiveness and negativity bias
  • Increases adaptability, self-control, higher reasoning
  • Promotes productivity, fosters transparency and authenticity
  • Builds trusting strong relationships
  • Increases retention of employees

Undergo education and experiential learning in neurobiology, neuropsychology, and the physiology of human behavior change.

Pain points we commonly work with:
Stress, low engagement, conflict, bias, defensiveness, harassment, lack of control, focus, uncertainty, listening, stability under stress

Program length:
4 mo-1 year programs

Facilitator backgrounds include:

  • Harvard trained, PhD and EdD, neuroscience and education, active members of the American Institute of Stress, certified in Mindfulness
  • Based Stress Reduction, Honorary titles of Acharya, Master
  • NeuroCoaches, many with over 25 years of corporate training and leadership roles.

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