Whether you wake up and seem to have a negative outlook, or something just happened to you to trigger a fear inside… causing you to be out of flow, negative, reactive, etc. you can change your mental emotional and physical state of being.

Here’s how:
Give yourself 5-30 minutes to reset.
Sit down, relax your body.
Using your breath, begin to let go of the reactive state (lengthen your inhalations and exhalations)
Do this for 2-4 minutes.
Bring what is bothering you into your awareness.
Hold it in your awareness and inquire into it.
What is making you feel negative.. fear?
Allow that to come into your awareness and look at it.
Is it true? Is it happening right now. Is it happening at all.
Is what you are afraid of happening or are you fearful that it will happen?
What is true?
Bring your intention into your awareness. Your intention for your life.
Hold this in your awareness while using the breath to drop deeper and deeper into a relaxed state of awareness.
Now ask, What is true?

Breath in, and breath out with a big sigh. Let it go (3-4 times – whatever feels natural).
Relax into this moment.

If you have any questions on how to change your perspective, please email michelle@themasterscourse.com.

Remember the more you practice this, the quicker and more effortless this becomes.
It’s a deliberate shift of your attention to another thing – your awareness, relaxation, the breath.
Energy follows attention. So wherever you place your attention your energy goes.

Place all of your attention (awareness) on the calmness, the spaciousness that inner state of being in balance.