Running away from uncomfortable feelings is one way to perpetuate pain and suffering.

Choosing change leads to indivisible happiness and contentment.

If you want something to change you need to choose what you want and then take action. Simple, right? On the surface it seems easy, but it’s not that simple for most of us.

Let’s look at this as a science experiment.

If you weight one side of a scale with sugar. And not the other. One side of the scale will be lower than the other. Action and reaction. Simple to see that things are out of balance.

When life is out of balance, we pay for it mentally, emotionally, physically.

Think of behavior like grains of sugar.

If you keep avoiding or running away from something, you are adding sugar to one side of the scale. Each action of avoiding, or running away, adds another grain of sugar to one side. One side of the scale (with all the energy and behaviors built up) will be heavier than the other.

Whether conscious or unconscious, when something is out of balance it represents inner conflict. Any form of inner conflict colors one’s perspective in a negative way, thus creating external conflict.

Attachment to our story about what we are avoiding, clouds our perspective. Thus, your perspective of the situation is one-sided, so to speak. You can see no other perspective. The other side of the scale has nothing in it. So why would you look there, right?

Looking more closely, the uncomfortable feelings (that trigger the story) keep adding more and more energy. Thinking about it, trying to avoid it, mask it, act like it’s not there, explain it, understand it, talking about it. All this is adding sugar to the already weighted side of the scale.

Your mind-body connection.

Each thought creates a molecular chemical reaction in the body that sends signals to the immune system, the nervous system, etc. Neuroscience has shown our ability to reprogram our brain to react differently, therefore, reversing the signs of stress on the body, ie healing our past and creating a new future.

Ok now let’s move to uncomfortable feelings. You can look at an uncomfortable feeling as the guide or messenger to what to change. It’s calling for your attention. It is what is standing in your way of getting what you want. Life’s way of sending you a signal that this isn’t working.

What to do when you feel uncomfortable

  1. First acknowledge the feeling
  2. Sit with it.
    1. Allow it to be there, and best of all feel it.
      1. What does it feel like
      2. Relax with it
    2. Don’t label it or fight with it.
      1. I wish it were…
      2. I want it to be different
      3. what can I do to fix it
      4. This is all a form of managing and controlling and this isn’t what allows the energy to move or you to change and evolve.
  1. When you notice it’s gone, just sit longer and feel what is there.
    1. What is underneath the feelings, the uncomfortable is gone, now what is there.
    2. Be that feeling.
      1. Be that
      2. Feel it
      3. Acknowledge it
      4. Relax with it


This is real stress reduction. Allowing the energy to move and being okay with what is.

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