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Why Mindfulness

Why Mindfulness

We live in a complicated world. The new normal of this overextended era requires us to juggle an increasing number of demands. The massive influx of everyday content, as we bounce back and forth between phone and computer, obligations and deadlines has measurably increased our stress.

Did you know? According to many studies and surveys, the majority of Americans consider their work to be their most significant source of stress.

More than half of those questioned indicated that they feel undervalued by their managers or colleagues, and they are planning to look for another job in the coming year.

Why MindfulnessLong hours, lack of control over responsibilities, organizational constraints, interpersonal and task conflicts, role ambiguity, and fear of being fired are among the most common stressors that make people unhappy.

Organizational Benefits


Lower Abstenteeism
Increased Productivity
Less Employee Turn Over
Less Stress-related Accidents
Less Tardiness
Lower Presenteeism
Increased Focus/Attention span


Emotional Intelligence
Employee Engagement
Increased Empathy
More Collaborative Teams
Improved Health
Positive Work Culture
Positive Outlook & Happiness



After Taking 8 Week MBSR Course Participants Reported:

43% Less Sick Days

Increased Productivity

Source: Aetna

TOTAL: $2,542 / Per Person / Year

Calculate Your Annual ROI


“I enthusiastically recommend Michelle for any positions that require a consummate knowledge of mindfulness and stress management. Michelle was able to tailor our training sessions to individual applications of the material covered, and offered many helpful concepts, ideas, and tips for reference.”


Director, Disney Attractions

“I have known Shell for over 16 years. She has always had the heart of a teacher in every role I have seen her in. She always puts her customer’s interest first, over her own. She can relate to a wide range of audiences, from young to old, in a fun and non-threatening style. I have especially been impressed with her ability to convey stress management techniques. Her approach is peaceful, creative, heartfelt and effective. I have personally benefited from her courses, as it has brought great peace and comfort to me personally. As a result of knowing Shell for this length of time, I can say that she is a person of remarkable skill and professionalism, in addition to being an intelligent and fun person.”


Section Chief, U.S. Forest Service

“I think the course was helpful for a few reasons. The take home sheets are great. I like the guidance of being in alignment with my intention, and have been trying to focus on my breath or the inward focus especially in more stressful situation. The fact that I am more conscious and even remember to consider these things in times of upset or stress is indicative of a positive change in my life. I think my attention has increased, and I notice when I am distracted and thinking about the past or worries about the future and am able to come back to the moment much easier. I have also stopped having that reoccurring negative thought that I had mentioned in the class.”


Craig Hospital

“I’ve recently reviewed the successes of this past year and want you to know what a significant contribution your programs have made to our organization. “You have an ability to make learning fun, and most importantly, an ability to impart knowledge in a way learners understand and retain.”


Employee Development Manager, The Orlando Sentinel

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